Tank Masters

The classic “Alchemy” of the tank theme available on mobile devices.

Release date: 2015

Tank Masters is a game that allows players to dive into the history of tank-building of the XX century. You will take on the role of a tank design engineer for the army.

The starting version consists of one USSR school of tank-building. Starting the game with only 4 basic elements, and then you will soon gain access to more complex real historical units and mechanisms by combining these elements. This knowledge of history, logics and imagination will allow you to create your first tank, and you will begin a long and sometimes complicated, but very interesting way of development and modernization. Eventually, you will find yourself tinkering at the top of the USSR tank engineering, featuring the legendary IS-7 and T-62A, among others.

Key game features:

  • Puzzle for military technologies fans;
  • Historical models of tanks and tank equipment built in the period from 1920 – 1960;
  • Available on iOS/Android;
  • More than 100 different tank elements;
  • Historical notes for every element.

Become the best in tank building, solve all puzzles and create a perfect weapon!