Iris and Deadly Miasma

Help Iris save the magical world and survive the dungeon in a new game!

Release date: 2016

“Iris and Deadly Miasma” is a fabulous adventure of well-known Iris in Fairelandia, a world of magic and sorcery. You will accompany the young fairy in a variety of tough challenges, go into combat with dreadful monsters and reveal a secret of the malicious witch.

You are to make consequential choices that will shape the story. It is your actions that will decide whether or not Iris will manage to get the better of the Queen of the Drowned Zombies.

The famous writer Vadim Panov created a wonderful interactive story about a young fairy that happens to be in the lair of a fierce witch. Iris was kidnapped and thrown deep underground with none of her friend nor family knowing where she was. But the fairy has managed to connect your gadget by her phone.

And now you are the only hope!
Starting out a captive in the enormous palace well named the Aquarius Iris has to bluster her way out of the gloomy deep dungeon and safe her lifeline. Only you can help her to beat her mighty enemies, gain liberty and get back to the habitual world.

Help the young fairy to ruin the ominous plans of the Dark Queen and protect Fairelandia!

Key game features:

    The story is written in real-time, built around your decisions;
  • Your choice changes the course of narrative;
  • Magnificent artworks create a unique game atmosphere;
  • A plot with unexpected twists and amazing discoveries;
  • English, Russian and Chinese versions available;