Strategic game with elements of a tactic warfare for PC.

Release date: 2005

Berserk-Online is a turn-based strategy with the elements of a collectible card game.

It has over 900 unique monster cards illustrated by prominent global artists.

Berserk-Online is an online collectible card & strategy game – taking place in the incredible world, based on the legend created by the popular fantasy writer Nick Perumov, where you become a mighty Ungar-wizard, proficient strategist bending to his will hundreds of diverse characters. A great variety of creatures, artifacts and terrains, different unique abilities – all this fills the game with infinite possibilities helping you to create your own unmatched style of playing.

To score in the CCG Berserk-Online you have to build your deck right and think through your strategy several turns ahead. A little luck will come in handy, though the freshmen think that the game results depend on the dice only. However, the experienced players just laugh in their beards – they manage to outgame any eventuality using the power of their intellect. It’s not too difficult to master the basic level of the game – but facing against experienced players requires all your strategic skills and your talent to play the percentages.

The collectible card strategy Berserk-Online not only has Russian version but is also available in English, Italian, and German and got very good press reviews. The current number of users registered in the game is more than 900,000. Berserk-Online promotes the strong game community building, consisting of both of young intellectuals and mature successful people.

The online version of the Berserk board game allows you to face opponents from all over the world, sitting in your cosy chair. Another good feature of the online version is the ability to perform all these complex calculations necessary in the board game automatically. In comparison with our foreign colleagues’s project Magic The Gathering Online, Berserk-Online has a rather compact client – just about 26 Mb, and allows to connect to game servers even via slow GPRS connection.

Our intellectual game Berserk-Online can carry away people of all ages, jobs and interests. This TB strategy will certainly help you to while away the time training your intellect and logic being involved into vivid communication with new extraordinary people. There is no need in taking part in daily raids to the monsters’ retreats, spending time endlessly improving your character, getting nervous about his destiny while being offline. Definitely, Berserk-Online is designed for the people keen on games like chess, turn-based strategies, collective card games – where it’s possible to win using strength of mind not the clicking on the buttons.