Berserk: Evolution

Berserk: Evolution is a free-to-play collectible trading card strategy. Command hundreds of unique creatures, wage battle against friends and monsters, capture enemy lands and expand your flying island!

Date of release: 2013

“Berserk: Evolution is the best game of its genre all over the AppStore” - AppleInsider

Evolve every card by increasing base attributes or one of dozens of different qualities. Use a special portal to surprise your enemies by teleporting to them and launching a cunning attack to join their lands to your own. Fight dynamic PvP battles against friends and enemies any time of day. Run your flying island. Find the perfect combination of the five elements!

Key game features:

  • Over 300 creatures of five elements;
  • Innovative combat system;
  • Dramatic plotline;
  • Land conquest;
  • Amazing artwork

Write your name into the Glory Book of Laar!