Doodle Tanks

Sequel of famous game series of Doodle Universe for mobile devices.

Berserk: Universe

The card game with elements of a tactic wargame for social networks.

Iris and the Star of Oblivion

Incredible adventures of Iris in a world full of magic and unpredictabilities!

Mordovian Phrasebook

The phrasebook contains more than 600 widespread phrases in 4 languages.

Russian-Mordovian Dictionary

“Mordovian Dictionary” contains more than 10 thousand words of different topics.

Iris and Deadly Miasma

Help Iris save the magical world and survive the dungeon in a new game!

Tank Masters

The classic “Alchemy” of the tank theme available on mobile devices.

Berserk Online

Strategic game with elements of a tactic wargame for PC.

Santiago de Cuba

Electronic adaptation of a famous board game for iPad.

Berserk: the Cataclysm

Free-to-play collectible card strategy for social networks.

Armored Warfare

Tactical shooter

World of Speed


Master of Orion

Turn-based strategy

Hybrid Wars



Functional Testing

Testing of functional requirements of the projects.

Cross-browser testing

Testing of applications in different browsers and operational systems.

Regression testing

Regression testing and updates tracking

End-to-end testing

Usability analysis of application interface or site for end user.

Compatibility testing

Testing of application compatibility with particular configuration requirements.

Installation testing

Testing of product installation, settings, updates and uninstallation on different devices.


Established in 2004, the Bytex company is involved into developing mobile, browser, client games, games for social networks and their operating. The main priority is the development of projects based on the principles of board and collectible card games, expanding the personal strategic and intellectual skills.

Nowadays, the number of registered users of the company projects is more than 12 million all over the world.

Bytex company has also been provided testing services starting from 2012 such as testing mobile and client applications. The company’s partners are @My.com, Nival, Wargaming, Slightly Mad Studios.

Our company is oriented to give the highest project quality, supreme client orientation, full data reporting and careful term attitude during game testing and development. Our motto is “High quality within timeframes”.



"Bytex"' company is glad to announce the launch of our Test Studio Blog. We will study the most interesting game projects and publish the results of performance tests on various specs, comparing system requirements announced by the developers to the…

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Russian-Mordovian Dictionary is released on Android devices

Russian-Mordovian Dictionary is released on Android devices

In honor of the Knowledge Day Bytex company released the new “Mordovian Dictionary” app available on Android devices from September 1, 2015.  The extended version of “Mordovian Dictionary” contains more than 10 thousand words of different topics. With the help…

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Doodle Tanks Free on iOS and Android

Doodle Tanks Free on iOS and Android

Bytex company is glad to announce the release of Doodle Tanks Free game on iOS and Android devices. The game is available for free on smartphones and tablets. The new puzzle contains more than 80 reactions and 100 elements; being…

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Dmitri Karasev

CEO and Founder

Alena Karaseva

Head of Testing Department

Andrey Fanyagin

Head of Developer Department

We offer you the job connected with big projects in a comfortable office.

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Unity programmer

JavaScript / С/С++ / .NET, SQL




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